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Sam Fowler

I started the YouTube channel under my own name when working with Alec Steele, and grew the channel up slowly. When me and Alec stopped working together, I needed to make a dent in the financial deficit that was implied at that time, so started making more videos!! 

Foremost, I am now a pretty much full time farrier, covering my own clients, and also working with another group of farriers in Newmarket, covering large racing yards. I find this work highly rewarding, exciting and also refreshing - I also love doing my customers who I am holding onto outside of racing - they make coffee and appreciate the hard work that goes into farriery.

I hold the exclusive sales of the Gameco burners and 84 Engineering products to anyone outside of Australia, which is an awesome feat, these are some of the best products on the planet for the beginner, right through to professional blacksmith.