Forge Kits (PREORDER)

Forge Kits (PREORDER)

from 170.00

Available in 3 variations 

  • Kit 1 - Plates, Shelves and Burners  £170
  • Kit 2 - Plates, Shelves, Burners and Refractory  £240
  • Kit 3 - Fully welded including Burners and Refractory  £270

Sold with a 1" Gameco Burner kits as sold previously.

Shipping worldwide on an express service using DHL

I sold approximately 50 of these forges last year, with not one problem, so now is the time to bring them back for everybody to get into forging with an affordable set up with the best burners in the world!! 


These will be on sale for 2 weeks only at which point I will order the plates to be cut etc, if you order the unwelded choice, as soon as all stock is in, they will be dispatched. Welded versions will take a few weeks longer to make up. 


Please note there is only limited stock of these due to burner availability. 

There is also a flat rate on the shipping, prices may look inflated, however they take into account the extra weight included with the refractory (the full forge weight over 25kg/55lbs!! 

The picture is of a small 1/2" forge with a smaller aperture. The larger version is approximately 100mm wider.

You will require a regulator and hose for your gas supply. 

Full size bricks are supplied with the forge, these can either be left as is, or cut down to fit the width of the door.

For people buying just the plates, I would recommend using a castable refractory.




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More info to come on refractory sizes for your own purchases.